Terms of Use

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Read carefully and take in mind:

1. You must send a written contract to the client to avoid disagreements, ask to the client his e-mail.

2. Only you and the client make the interview or contact yourselves through your own responsibility(Zoom, Skype or e-mail recommended).

3. If the contract is for a fixed price(monthly or milestone), request to the contractor a 50% in advance amount, choose a day for a monthly payment (we recommend at the last friday of the month). Don't make a job without an advance amount, make yourself to be respected.

4. If the contract is hourly, make sure the contractor agree to pay you on a determinated day you choose(weekly, we recommend on fridays) through PayPal(you must have a PayPal account and you must give to the contractor your paypal.me code).

5. Every time you made work, send screen shots of the jobs you have done to the client ( make this daily), so the client proves that you are working seriously.

6. Be serious, you're interacting on a safe guard platform, send screenshots of your daily work every day, make sure you submit to the client the project completed on the deadline he gave you through e-mail. An uncompleted project means no payment to you and being blocked from Home Worker.

7. We have not a payment gateway yet, so only you are responsible to treat the payment tipe with the client, give to the client your paypal.me code or similar if you use another gateway payment.

8. If a client doesn't pay you, please contact us and refer us the client's name and the job he posted.

9. If you don't agree or violate all terms and policies shown here, we block your access. We'll notice to the client not to contact you untill you send us an e-mail in which you apologize and agree to the Home Worker terms of use.