Terms of Use

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Read carefully and take in mind:

1. You can post for free a job offer with no charges, but be sure to put all the necessary information so the freelancer can reach you.

2. Low rates payments to The Freelancer are forbidden, we only accept payment budget rates from $25 to up for a hourly job, $200 to up for part time or full time jobs and $1000 to up for a milestone job with a 50% in advance. IF you choose "we talk with the freelancer", means that you'll agree with the freelancer the rate he charges. All budget rates shown here are standard rates a freelancer offer.

3. You must sign the written contract the freelancer will send to you, and must act according all agreed on the contract.

4. Only you and the freelancer make the interview or contact yourselves through your own responsibility(Zoom, Skype or e-mail recommended).

5. Once you contract a freelancer make sure to tell to the freelancer to remember fill in the work diary page every day and that he/she must send to you screen shots after working every day. Notice us if he/she didn't did it.

6. You must pay to the freelancer an advance amount of 50% for a fixed price contract (milestone) and pay promptly the last amount of the fixed price contract once the freelancer submit to you the project via e-mail.

7. You must pay promptly to the freelancer the hourly contract weekly, at the day you both agreed.

8. We accept freelancers from any country including from arabic countries, racism is forbidden here on Home Worker, so be respectful and human with the freelancer.

9. We don't have any gateway payment to make a payment to the freelancer, so you have to pay to The Freelancer through PayPal or similar under your own responsability, ask to The Freelancer his/her PayPal.me code or PayPal e-mail or similar.

10. If you don't agree or violate all terms and policies shown here, we block your access and delete your job offer. We'll notice to the freelancer not to contact you until you send us an e-mail in which you apologize and agree to the Home Worker's terms of use.